Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Pity Party

No Pity Party

In my gloom, come ride with me…or I with you
Take me onto a journey far from my person
An out of body experience would be most appreciated
But por favor, no pity parties

Let’s not bring up the shortcoming I have
Or make mention of my black cloud that’s lingering
It’ll go away once we focus on you…and “us”
And other elements of the outside world
But alas…no pity parties

Let’s not talk about me today
But if by chance I need to vent, all I ask is that you please just be that ear with no mouth
No comforting words or questions plugging for a solution to my problem
No need to try and relate to make me feel so un-alone. It won’t work because I relish in my uniqueness
Allow me to speak, but again—no pity parties

If I’ve vented, let’s move on and erase my day in ice cream
Or a walk on the beach
Perhaps the hustle and bustle surrounding Grant Park & Michigan Avenue will drown out the noise that’s going on in my head
Of course I’ll never tell you this
Cuz a Party of Pity I do not want

I just wanna relish in the sight, smells, and sounds of you—of “us”
I want to build our world without hesitation or reconsideration depending upon my emotional situation
If I’m sad, let me be
But fill my heart, mind, and soul with a natural and unforced peace

I appreciate all you do and your ingenuity does not go unnoticed
I just ask that if I’m haywired mentally and supremely unfocused
And if I’m feeling depressed with my peak dipped down at its lowest
As long as there are no balloons made of tears and cake dressed in sorrow
I promise that there’ll be a better day for me tomorrow
As long as it doesn't include another party

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

War of Worlds...with no "L"

War of Worlds...with no "L"

It's a contradiction

Flip it inside out and change my diction

Can't be afraid to spit due to possible verbal friction

Only the scared and fearful chose not to take such a position

L.Boogie and Jay have the ability to call out the Lost Ones

And you can do it too; just let your pen be your Top Gun

No pun…load the ammo and spit fire with words stung

And by the time the song stops, you'll be finishing up a new one.

In this war of worlds with no L

Take a step, look again and what's it spell?

Words—flows, prose, written rhythmic rhymes

Say it slow, at mid-tempo, or fast three times

Work at it, use your mental, and aim to sublime

Wanna win in this war, you can't afford to fall too far behind

With a lack luster piece

That took far too much ease

And is devoid of a steady beat

With wack lines like rhyming heat with…heat

War of words—a steady mental fight

If it's your dream, make sure it takes flight over plight

Never give up before your might sees the light

You have a brain so use it; you have that right.