Monday, October 26, 2009

Beautiful Lie

Beautiful Lie........

Written: 16 Aug 2009

He sees a promising "us"
A world inspired by much
Encompassed in little to no fuss
A life treated with delicate care and a tender touch
And all the embodiments of a life complete:

It's his "us"

She feels her connection with him is real
The flame ignited between the two of them is all she can truly feel
She moves forward and continues to progress in life but it's only for him would she retreat and reel...
...back to him if he leaves or they part off their much complicated emotional wheel
Her heart is locked to all, but for him, it's unlocked and open for him to steal

When the mirrors are removed and the smoke clears
The mental unclogs and the picture unsmears
What seams far fetched and distant is brought to the forefront, out from the rear

Our own perceptions can take over reality, filling our own heads with lies
Lies so beautiful we can't trust our own minds
The truth is plan to see but our brains make it a near impossibility

If we trust our eyes we'll see that Life's truth isn't far away, tucked down, or left behind
It's oftentimes right in front of our faces; we just can't be afraid to explore what lies inside the depth of our eyes versus the desire hidden within the back of our minds

Mal S