Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Cause...7/30

Just cause I havent posted in a while
More like a week and a half
Maybe longer

Doesnt mean
That my mind isnt racing
Many time's facing
And going over
Many thoughts
Often in prose
Or lyrical form

Just cause I'm private on my personal life
Keep it to myself
Hold it close like Jay and Bey
And refuse to tell just any ol' body what's going on with me
And mine
And him
And us

Doesnt mean
That it doesnt exist
Or that I can't resist
His touch
Or kiss
Or that my life is devoid of a relative bliss

Just cause I'm busy 8 out of 7 days
And 37 out of 24 hours
Going over my plans
My future
My family
And developments
And coming additions
Surrounding that
And beyond

Really doesn't mean
That I won't
Or shadn't make time for you
Cause believe it or not
Your story inspires and influences
My life and direction in some
Vicarious way that I can't explain

Just cause I'm a little selfish
And the other part selfLESS
With the goings on in my daily
That have my mind warped around certainty and "maybe"
Half the time

Doesn't mean
That when I'm at my selfless portal of thought
And giving myself
And stretching myself thin
That it is okay
To go with said "flow" and
Push the proverbial "envelope" just to see
How far
Or thin
I can stretch

Trust that when I break
I bleed
And trust that my heart
Though it isn't worn fashionably on my sleeve
It's generally open
But closed a bit from past pains
And heartaches

So just know that
Just because I may not be around
Or available when you call
Or need/want to see/chat with me
Things are fine
There comes a time when
We all need to sort through our Life
And shift through the Junk
To find our Center
And clear our Cipher

I'm fine...

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