Sunday, April 4, 2010

Your Bed (4/30)

I'm laying in your bed
On your side
Where you lied
Throughout the nite
For years up until
Two weeks before you suddenly died

I'm laying in your bed
And almost 7 years later
It still stings even 10 times greater
To accept that you're dead

I'm laying in your bed
Where I now sleep nightly
Clutching my--your blankets tightly
Thoughts of losing your other half ring frighteningly
Disturbing me
Yet slumber coaxing me
With your memory

I'm laying in your bed
'Fraid to sleep in my own space
Cuz since last November my mind refuses to erase
The pain that brought tears I never thought I'd have to face
Over her

She's still here
And I'm grateful
But I'm scared
And you're gone already
With your treasures still aligned throughout the room

I'm laying in your bed
Looking around
She's turned your closet to her spot for her best gowns
But there's still the toys you loved
The Singing Bass, JazzMan, Black Santa and Train Clock
Sitting above

My head
Alongside the headboard
Your passing was so sudden and deep many were left scorned
And burned
And emotionally worn

But as I lay in your bed
I realize how Blessed I am
To have had you in my Life
And her still here as a symbol
Of everything Good
And your memory around the room
Confirms I've nothing to fear

RIP Granddad (Aug 11, 1924-Dec 08, 2003)
A reflection


  1. That is so beautiful as is your blog!

    I love it!
    Ashley :)