Friday, April 23, 2010

There's Nothing...8/30

Sidebar: This 30/30 is clearly going to go well past April....but the poetry will still be tagged under "April Poetry Month". #DontJurgeMe

There's nothing here to see
Or anything for you to do
Theres nothing to feel


The emotions, still resonating
Just a bit
Lingering on for dear life
Why? Well I've no clue
But they're there
But still....
There's nothing

We both know there's used to be a "something"
A secret
A lie, perhaps
Or maybe it was a truth
Disguised as something in dark clothing we both should have taken heed to long ago

Whatever the case

There's no longer a need to
Think of
Reminisce on
Or even desire

Because whatever "it" was has been over for ages
Can we both attest to that? Certainly
I've just got to
Sometimes remind myself that
These little feelings of
Love I have--though Im clearly no longer "in"
Are no longer

There's nothing.

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