Friday, April 2, 2010

Regal Tress (2/30)

Natural hair don't care
Wild and untamed standing absent-mindedly in mid-air
Onlookers wonder why or how and even what
But it's just there
It's just there

Without a care

Filled to it's fuzzy, curly, kinky brim with flair
Fashionably fit to be the focus of the focal
Oooh that hair
Folks who can't fanthom stop and stare
Create a wrath with the beauty in order to parallel or offset its wonder

Those locs tied down, pinned back and locked
Holds a volume--a stance that's so effortlessly rocked
Possessing a vulnerability with little compatibility by anything other than its likeness

Deep breaths and shallow exhales
Beholds a glorious wonder within
...the strands that have a natural penchant to silently chant and proudly stand

Here to stay and stay to hear
Witnessing the wonder that is a black woman's natural hair!

(c) Ms_Slim

1 comment:

  1. Sistars & our hair. Always a story to be told or reviewed. The sooner we become comfortable w/the hair we possess the sooner the stares & wild looks will roll of our hips into oblivion....