Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mates for the Soul (6/30)

He looks into her eyes
Dark brown with golden flecs when the sun hits them
"Almost like looking into a mirror, those eyes", he thinks
Except she's got an Asian undertone about the lids
While his are more slanted and rounded inward

She looks into his pools
Same shape as hers
Maybe a little more squinty
Especially when he is inebriated
But generally similar

They arent related
Blood only by heritage
Race and culture are the only things that deem them "brother and sister"
They aren't the same
But they are one

They immediately feel a comfort
A balance
An altogether completeness that has never been felt before
With anyone else in like positions

Best friends

Chats of.....
Intimacy based on.....
The eyes that lock speak a volume so loud they could deafen a crowded room
They don't need to speak
But they do
Even when they don't
That's their "us"

A growing relationship
Plus a connection so strong amongst
Two parallelled individuals
Has equaled
A bliss that captivates and inspires

With the eyes that lock
And the lips that meet
And the touch that electrifies
Their souls
Leave them in a No Outlet Zone
And they can only move upwards

Because the Name of their Love
Needs no title from anyone but them
For they are the authors and illustrators
Of their soul connectedness

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